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Subscription Licensing

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Deprecated: Subscription Licensing

As of the summer of 2016, the Legacy LumenVox Subscription Licensing system was replaced with the significantly improved Flexible Licensing model. All users of the legacy subscription system were contacted and migrated over to the new system prior to its decommission.

This documentation will be deleted in due course, but will remain available for informational purposes until then. All of the content on this page is no longer valid. Please refer to the Flexible Licensing documentation instead.

LumenVox provides hosted licenses on a subscription basis. This service uses the Internet to establish a connection between the LumenVox hosted License Server and your client application.

Customers can also use this technology to offer a similar service to their end users. We have documentation on how to configure your License Server to authenticate inbound requests here.

This page explains how this service works and how to configure your client application to make requests to our Subscription License Server, manage your subscription, and troubleshoot its licensing. If you are interested in purchasing a subscription to this service, please contact LumenVox Sales.


The client-side configuration file, client_property.conf, needs to be edited to include the username and password that will be sent to the subscription License Server.

Once you've completed your installation, you'll need to edit the client_property.conf's LICENSE_SERVERS value, and add the authentication details at the bottom:

  1. The LICENSE_SERVERS value should be set to:;;
  2. Add the following text to the bottom of the file, where the x's are replaced with the username and password values you use to log into


If you're a Subscription Licensing customer, are concerned about security and would like to change your credentials, feel free. However, you'll need to let us know so that we can make the matching change on our License Server.

Once you've made these changes, save the client_property.conf file, and restart your client application.

Managing Your Subscription

Your account at allows you to update the credit card used to maintain the monthly billing for your subscription, and to cancel your subscription altogether.

Updating Your Credit Card

The subscription licensing system requires a credit card on file, which will be charged on the 25th of each month for the following month. You are pre-paying for each month of licensing subscription.

If you need to change the credit card on file you can update it in your account. Once logged in your account, click on the View License button, and then scroll down to the 3rd table, Active Subscriptions . In the right-most column, Manage, you can click on the Update link. You will be taken to a page where you can update the existing card, or enter a new replacement card.

Cancelling Your Subscription

If you need to entirely cancel one of your subscriptions, log into your account, click on View Licenses, scroll down to the third table, Active Licenses. Under the Manage column, click on the Cancel link. You will be prompted to confirm your intent to cancel that license. Once you click the Yes button, you're done.

Note that once you have cancelled a subscription, it will remain active until the end of the billing cycle, or the next 25th of the month.


If you have purchased a subscription to our hosted License Server and have received the e-mail from us confirming that your account is ready on our License Server, but still having problems, please check the following troubleshooting steps.

Most license request failures will look like this:

License failure. No license server responding at address:
...check your license server or settings
OpenPort() failed, errorcode returned -1
LoadVoiceChannel failed, errorcode returned -12
LoadGrammar() failed, errorcode returned 1
ActivateGrammar() failed, errorcode returned -12
count=15, decode returns -12

  1. Check your client_property.conf file - Are you sure that you specified our License Server's IP address (;;
  2. Did you add the [AUTHENTICATION] header? – This block of text must be added above the AUTHENTICATION _USERNAME and AUTHENTICATION_PASSWORD text.
  3. Also be aware that the USERNAME and PASSWORD values must match those that you use to log into your account at If you have changed your account's username or password, you must also make corresponding changes to the client's client_property.conf file.
  4. Restart the client application – The changes made above will not take unless the client application has been restarted.
  5. Check your firewall settings – In most cases, customers do not realize that their firewall is blocking the requests to our hosted License Server. Make sure that port 7569 is open to TCP traffic.
  6. Try Telnetting – Ping, Traceroute and other ICMP-based attempts will fail, due to restrictions we've set up on our firewall. However, a Telnet connection can be made.
  7. If you're still not able to fetch your license(s), then please e-mail us, and attach your client_property.conf file. We can test the account from a machine external to our network.