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The LumenVox voice technology stack is an integrated approach to take care of all of your voice processing requirements. 

Provide Multifactor Options

LumenVox has been a Genesys AppFoundry Partner since 2017. In 2020, LumenVox Active Voice Authentication became a Genesys AppFoundry Premium  Application.

Proven ROI

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LumenVox Active Voice Authentication is an AppFoundry Premium Application.  

Deliver Secure, Voice-enabled Customer Experiences

LumenVox Active Voice Authentication 

Call Progress Analysis

LumenVox & Genesys: Delivering amazing voice-enabled customer experiences

Reduce fraud, improve the customer experience and reduce agent handling time with a highly flexible and scalable voice biometrics solution - all within your Genesys Cloud environment.

LumenVox Speech Recognizer

LumenVox Text-to-Speech

Speech Recognition

Create an exceptional end-to-end customer experience within your Genesys contact center by leveraging LumenVox' AI-driven voice recognition software.

Deliver Powerful 
Voice-Enabled Customer Experiences with LumenVox

LumenVox Speech and Authentication Solutions
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Increase IVR containment by allowing callers to self-service. Automatic Speech Recognition converts spoken audio into text, providing users with a more efficient way to interact with automated systems.

Speech-enable your telephony platform or software application. Text-to-Speech provides the voice output for conveying information to callers - further assisting with containment. 

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