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Whether you're new to speech recognition or an experienced speech developer, the following speech recognition tips will provide you with a variety of ways to make your applications better.

New to Speech Recognition?

This series of articles is intended for those new to speech recognition. It provides an overview of the technology and its applications.

Speech Application Tuning

The speech industry estimates that 40-50% of total development and deployment time should be spent on the tuning process. Want to learn more?

Value of Speech Application Tuning

ROI of Speech Tuning — Using some industry standard numbers as assumptions, we show how a modest investment of time and resources in tuning can translate into more than a hundred thousand dollars of savings in less than a year. The whitepaper provides a complete explanation of how we performed these calculations so you can run them using your own applications.

Technical Articles

Our technical resources for developers are all stored on the LumenVox Developer Network, our developer-focused website. Available resources include whitepapers, technical articles, sample code, and a library of training videos.

Our technical articles are intended to delve deeper into a specific subject. They are also helpful as reference guides during the development of a speech application. If you would like to suggest topics that would be useful as resource material, please contact us.

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