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Custom Voice Prompt Recording

Professional Voice Talent for your IVR

Partner Voices, Powered by GM Voices

GM Voices is the telephony industry’s leading provider of voice prompts. Their wide range of talents and marketing experience make them the natural choice for professional recordings for your IVR.

Consistency Across Solutions

GM Voices works with the artists whose voices were the models for the LumenVox Text-to-Speech Server. This means that you can have a human recording for any static prompts that matches the synthesized speech for dynamic content.

Affordable and Simple to Use

Allow your IVR a consistency that provides your users with a seamless transition from prerecorded audio to automatically synthesized speech.

LumenVox is excited to offer customized voice prompts through Partner Voices.

Powered by GM Voices, this automated solution is an easy way to obtain unique, professional prompt recordings for your LumenVox application.

Listen to Custom Prompt Samples

To get started, visit the Partner Voices site. Once there and logged in, you will be able to select the voice talent you want to use, and either type in the text you need a recording for, or upload a list of separate recordings. Their simple e-commerce system makes the entire process last minutes. It couldn’t be easier!

Receive ready to load prompts in just days

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We are confident that custom voice prompts will enhance your customers’ experience and accelerate the ROI of your communications investment. If you have any questions on these, or other desired capabilities, just contact us via the form below. We’d be happy to help!

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