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Voice Biometric Contact Center Extension

For Easy Integration


Complete Customization

Different thresholds, passphrases or languages can be configured and selected, allowing for easy setup and maintenance of different security requirements.


Secure Storage

All biometric data (audio, features, templates, logs) are stored in SQL databases and are encrypted by a multi-level PKI infrastructure approach.

Simplified Monitoring and Administration

for all events on the platform via graphical tools or separate APIs, supporting different management permission levels.

Streamline Voice Biometrics Within a Contact Center

LumenVox’ Contact Center Extension encapsulates all the functionality needed to perform biometric operations in an enterprise call center environment.

Let the extension take care of biometric data storage and encryption; user management; enrollment and authentication configuration; and monitoring 


Simplified Integration

Our platform easily integrates into your existing contact center infrastructure to deliver advanced workflows and business rules that can be composed.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

of varied enrollment and authentication workflows.

Web Based APIs

(including SOAP and RESTful interfaces) allow for direct connections to existing applications.

How the Contact Center
Extension Works


Audio is directly acquired by port-spanning on the network level at the voice gateway. 

All SIP messages are monitored and RTP content is decoded and streamed to the Contact Center Extension manager.


All biometric data is encypted and securely stored.


Users are stored by our anonymous claimant concept where only a unique hash-code is stored within the LumenVox database. All sensitive user information is decoupled from the biometric template.

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