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Job Description — Statistical Data Analyst

Progressive Computing is offering an internship with flexible days and hours to a student with strong mathematical experience and extensive knowledge of Bayesian algorithms. A qualified candidate will provide statistical analysis of customer sales history, product usage patterns and other interactions to create a customer "quality" rating system.

This position is ideal for a student looking for an internship with full or part time hours which are flexible. We are a business open 24/7 so what works for you can be arranged!


Finding and using information accumulated over 15 years from our online and telephone dating service. Such information includes customer usage, demographical, sociological, and customer purchase details.


  • Strong statistical background
  • Must have extensive knowledge of Bayesian algorithms and/or other data mining and statistical tools
  • Knowledge of SQL

How to Apply

To apply for the Statistical Data Analyst position, please email your cover letter and resume with "Statistical Data Analyst" in the subject line.

About Progressive Computing

In 1994 Progressive Computing created an advanced online and phone dating system. For the past 15 years, Progressive Computing has gathered customer usage information, customer purchase detail, and demographical and sociological information for the purpose of finding trends and information on what makes a good customer; using this information to optimize marketing strategies, judge when to offer discount and specials, and much more.

Progressive Computing offers competitive wages, the best in software, hardware and equipment and our final items to bring a smile: Sodas, juices, Starbucks coffee, office lunches provided frequently and a great holiday and summer party.

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