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US National Domestic Airline

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US National Domestic Airline

With an entirely outsourced contact center operation, the US Domestic Airline was facing a disconnect in customer service. Because customer service and reservations were being handled by a third party, customers couldn’t easily access critical, real-time flight information. This resulted in low satisfaction.

Pivot Technology Solutions was seeking a partner to cost effectively address these issues so the airline could own the customer service application directly and outsource only the agents. Pivot and the airline wanted to make sure they had control over experience and satisfaction.

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AAA Arizona


Automation of Membership Renewals, Card Replacement, and Credit Payments Over the Phone.

AAA Arizona

Seeking to reduce labor costs for call center agents and increase selfservice with the automation of membership renewal, card replacement and credit card payment services over the phone, AAA Arizona sought an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) vendor with extensive experience with call routing, VUI design, speech automation, service-oriented architecture integration, industry (PCI) compliance, user experience optimization, and cross-functional project management. After a careful evaluation, AAA Arizona selected San Diego-based InfinityCTI to develop the system and operate it as a hosted service.

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