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Join LumenVox at IAUG Wired!

Join LumenVox at IAUG Wired!

The International Avaya Users Group is holding its second annual online virtual event: IAUG Wired, this Tuesday, February 10, 2021. We were able to attend last year in Phoenix, Arizona, and can speak to the exciting engagement it offers.

The best part about this year? You don’t have to leave the comfort of your office or home to participate. It’s completely virtual and accessible from anywhere. IAUG has a host of panelists delivering highly interactive, 3D virtual environments, breakout sessions, and interactive partner exhibits within the virtual show floor.

As a proud sponsor, LumenVox will have a virtual booth to showcase our best-in-class voice technology. We’ll have a plethora of information on the LumenVox Avaya-compliant, speech-enabled contact center applications including:

Call Progress Analysis ensures outbound message delivery and is currently beating the competition with 98.6% accuracy of over 500 million outbound calls per month. As an enhancement to the Avaya Proactive Outreach Manager, you can ensure the message is delivered successfully and clearly. No cutoff. No miscommunication.

Automatic Speech Recognition converts spoken audio into text, providing users with a more efficient way to interact with automated systems. Increase IVR containment by allowing callers to self-service.

Text-to-Speech provides the voice output for conveying information to callers – further assisting with containment. With Text-to-Speech you can speech-enable your telephony platform or software application.

Learn more about our offerings here: Speech and Authentication Solutions for Avaya

Want to chat with us during the event (Feb. 10, 2021)? 

  1. Go ahead and log in before registering if you have an IAUG account. Members will also have access to the recordings. For inquires, contact info@iaug.org.
  2. Register here. By registering for this event you are opting in to have your name and email visible on the event platform while the event is live in order to participate and interact with attendees and speakers. If you are not an IAUG member already, you will receive a basic entry-level “affiliate” membership after the event.
LumenVox’ Top 10 Blogs of 2020

LumenVox’ Top 10 Blogs of 2020

As 2021 begins, we wanted to look back at all the content we put out to educate and inform our LumenVox readers in 2020. We touched on a diverse set of subjects from artificial intelligence to fraud strategy for contact centers—and even introduced a podcast series with LumenVox thought leaders. Here’s a summary of our top 10 blog posts that resonated with our audience in 2020.

  1. On Voice Biometric Privacy and Informed Consent – In 2020 it was announced that a biometric data privacy suit implicated the voice biometrics company, Pindrop. According to the plaintiffs, informed consent requirements were not followed when collecting, storing, and utilizing voiceprints to authenticate customers for Amazon Web Services, which the plaintiffs claim violates the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). This scenario is exactly what LumenVox works hard to avoid. Find out how here.
  2. A Dive Into Deep Learning – Automatic Speech Recognition is growing by leaps and bounds each year, especially as artificial intelligence contributes to evolution. A crucial building block of artificial intelligence is deep learning. What is it, and how does it work?
  3. LumenVox Recognized as a New Partner of Cisco SolutionsPlus – In 2020 we officially became a Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner. This alliance formally recognized the compatibility of LumenVox products and introduced them to the Cisco SolutionsPlus marketplace. Find out more about this partnership in our blog here.
  4. What Does it Mean to be Named on the Opus Research 2020 Core Technology Provider Intelliview Map? – Opus Research, the go-to analyst firm for critical insight on software and services that support multimodal customer care, published their 2020 Intelligent Authentication and Fraud Prevention Intelliview: Solutions for Emerging Security Threats and CX Challenges. In this edition we were proud to be a major highlight.
  5. The Art of Speech & a Conversational IVR – Here we interviewed LumenVox Software Engineer Shaun McThomas to gain his perspective on the art of integrating speech technology with IVRs to enhance the customer experience.
  6. LumenVox Call Progress Analysis vs. Answering Machine Detection: What’s The Difference? – LumenVox Call Progress Analysis (CPA) is a technology that delivers proactive outbound phone messages with incredible accuracy, enabling businesses to give their customers the information they need exactly when they need it. CPA accomplishes this by a unique combination of tone detection and speech recognition. At first blush, the world of voice technology may label this product as Answering Machine Detection. But it’s not. So what’s the difference?
  7. 3 Key Strategies for Credit Unions {in the Time of COVID} – Fraud is a rising issue due to uncertain economic times. Operational efficiencies are a high priority because the contact center is now being inundated with calls—time, more than ever, is money. Member experience is always at the top of the priority list because it inspires every roadmap. How can credit unions address these priorities? This blog identifies three key strategies.
  8. How to Increase IVR Containment – The number of customers calling organizations to request a promise to pay is increasing significantly with these uncertain financial times. The result is a tsunami of phone calls that contact centers can’t handle. What’s the solution?
  9. How to Alleviate Stress for Remote Workers with Automated Password Reset – Did you know that during normal conditions, approximately 30% of Help Desk calls are for routine password resets? It’s a pain point that is often overlooked. This article demonstrates how organizations can address this with a simple self-service solution.
  10. How Passive Voice Biometrics Empowers Contact Centers – Fraud was a hot topic all throughout 2020. This blog addresses the fraud pain point in the time of COVID as well as the painful process of contact center authentication with technology called Passive Voice Biometrics.

We’re excited to get writing for 2021, offering our take on subjects that matter most to anyone who wants to offer a secure, frictionless customer experience. Questions? Contact us today!


A Special Holiday Greeting from LumenVox

A Special Holiday Greeting from LumenVox

During the holiday season, our thoughts turn to those who have made LumenVox’ progress possible—our customers and partners. Thank you for choosing us to support you in your voice technology needs.

Each year at LumenVox we strive to gain the trust and loyalty of our customers and partners. We are dedicated to excellence, both in customer satisfaction and our technology’s success.

2021 is going to be a year of innovation for us at LumenVox. Here’s what we are looking forward to:

  • Furthering the Total Experience. By taking a holistic view of customers, employees, users, and integrating different technologies to address everyone’s needs, we empower you with the technology stack you need to offer a seamless, secure experience for all.
  • Seeing through ambitious plans, plans that include exciting partner announcements and capabilities and state of the art Artificial Intelligence offerings. These updates and expansion of products demonstrate LumenVox’ commitment to providing advanced technology on a global scale, that is flexible, cost-effective and dramatically improves Call Center CX, TX, and ROI.
  • Creating a positive remote customer journey. When the customer’s journey is a positive one, you get loyalty and brand advocacy. Our technology stack addresses key pain points in this process to address security, fraud, convenience, and usability over remote channels. 2021 is going to be filled with more updates so we can keep things positive, from start to finish.
  • Breaking new ground in Artificial Intelligence. AI has always been a central component of our technology. Our speech recognition and voice biometric algorithms are built upon AI and Machine Learning principles so that our technology continuously evolves. We have expanded our team this year, so we can continue to up the ante and deliver Artificial Intelligence technology, which is robust, scalable, and easily deployed in 2021.
  • Most of all, we’re looking forward to furthering our relationships with partners and customers. It’s these relationships that make us LumenVox.

Be sure to watch our online spaces for breaking news in Artificial Intelligence and Voice Technology, and have a safe and happy holiday season and New Year!

Interactive Northwest, Inc. and LumenVox Partner to Launch Interactive Speech Attendant

Interactive Northwest, Inc. and LumenVox Partner to Launch Interactive Speech Attendant

Providing a highly accurate speech attendant to enrich the customer experience and replace Nuance’s discontinued automated attendant solutions.

Contact center solutions developer Interactive Northwest, Inc. (INI) has partnered with LumenVox to create a powerful replacement for Nuance’s automated attendant solutions.

As the date draws near for the end of support for Nuance’s SpeechAttendant® and Open SpeechAttendant® products, organizations are searching for a new speech attendant solution partner. INI’s Interactive Speech Attendant (ISA) is a robust virtual voice attendant that provides callers with a convenient way to reach people within an organization by acting as a single point of access to the corporate directory.

Powered by LumenVox Automated Speech Recognizer (ASR), INI Interactive Speech Attendant (ISA) delivers a natural user experience that promotes higher customer satisfaction and better corporate branding. INI ISA’s full-featured administration dashboard puts organizations in control, allowing for highly customized handling of inbound calls. The integration of LumenVox’ Automatic Speech Recognizer enables greater recognition accuracy, resulting in a dramatically improved user experience. Speech cuts to the chase. It allows callers to bypass pressing numbers or routing to an operator by simply saying the name, department, or conference room. Upon recognition, the caller is transferred to the correct party. This integration of speech recognition transforms touchtone mazes into natural, intuitive call flows.

INI Interactive Speech Attendant provides a friendly and cost-effective solution to call routing. Its easy-to-use web-based administration interface simplifies the configuration of nicknames and aliases, department and location-based transfers, business hours logic, alert messaging, and more.

“INI’s Interactive Speech Attendant is proving itself to be a cornerstone of business operations. The INI ISA promotes operational efficiency, reduces management costs and creates the ideal, frictionless service experience that users need,” said Edward Miller, CEO of LumenVox.

“CX-focused organizations understand there is only one chance to make a first impression,” said Danette Craig, President of INI.  “INI’s Interactive Speech Attendant enables companies to realize the best caller experience with a natural, user-friendly interface all while automating the front desk function.”

INI Interactive Speech Attendant is now available through INI, LumenVox, and Avaya Channel Partners. For more features, benefits and information, visit www.interactivenw.com/products/ini-interactive-speech-attendant/ or https://www.lumenvox.com/project/interactive-northwest-inc/, or call 1-800-732-3236.

View the official press release here. Questions about our solutions? Contact us.

LumenVox, the Total Customer Experience and WebExOne

LumenVox, the Total Customer Experience and WebExOne

2020 has been a historic year for remote working and Cisco WebExOne is poised to deliver a premier digital collaboration conference this year (December 8 – 9). As a proud Cisco Solutions Plus Partner and Gold sponsor of the event, LumenVox will be presenting an overview of the building blocks businesses need to create an ideal, total customer experience over voice channels.

With a voice technology stack unrivaled in its breadth, from state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition to advanced voice biometrics, we’ll discuss:

How LumenVox technology benefits resellers – 

We’re here to make life easier. Our offerings are attractive, with demonstrated ROI, and available through the Cisco Commercial ordering system (CCW). We offer flexible licensing with bursting capabilities as well as perpetual, subscription, and per-minute pricing. We’re also unrivaled for our relationship skills. Besides delivering the best voice technology in the market, our main priority is to work with you. We make it a point to not compete with you or your partners for professional services.

What the benefits for end customers are – 

A happy customer is a customer that gets the information they need when they need it. A happy customer is a secure customer. A happy customer gets a seamless omnichannel experience. We focus on optimizing omnichannel communication with intelligent speech recognition, text to speech, secure voice biometric authentication, and fraud detection.

What about agents?

We make agents’ lives easier by increasing productivity through higher containment rates and optimized workflows.

The necessary voice technology stack for enhancing total experience – 

LumenVox Automated Speech Recognizer, which supports Natural Language Understanding.

LumenVox Text-to-Speech / voice-enabled IVR platform, with multiple language capabilities.

Call Progress Analysis, which allows the recognizer to analyze speech and automatically discern appropriate timing for outbound telephony campaigns and notifications.

Voice Password, an active voice biometrics platform that authenticates customers using text-dependent voice biometrics.

Passive Voice Biometric Authentication, a passive voice biometrics platform that authenticates customers independent of a phrase, so it can occur naturally in conversation with a live agent.

Fraud Scanner, a cutting-edge fraud detection tool to identify fraudulent activity using state of the art voice biometrics.

Join us during WebExOne! It will be two days of conversations with other thought leaders, luminaries, celebrities, technology partners, and Cisco executives, plus over 30 customer and partner sessions. Register for the event and click here to request a conversation with us.

LumenVox’ Forward Thinking: Top Tech Trends in 2021

LumenVox’ Forward Thinking: Top Tech Trends in 2021

2020 has fundamentally transformed the way we live and work. Organizations, and the technology they use, are adapting at a record pace. The key to successful evolution is organizational agility. Here are four trends that will propel tech into 2021:

Shift to Total Experience (TX). You may have heard the term “multiexperience,” which refers to the shift from a singular screen and keyboard to a multimodal digital world, where technology surrounds you, going from your laptop to your phone to your tablet to your desktop and back again. TX takes that to another level; it keeps in mind each and every player in the experience game—employees, customers, users. Historically, these players have had immersive digital experiences, but they were separate. Imagine how much easier things would be if they were the same? That’s TX. At LumenVox, we are building our speech and authentication technology stack with multichannel and multimodal capabilities to address this demand in the remote workforce and contact center.

In a remote world, TX strategy will create a strong competitive advantage, as organizations with TX will outperform over the next three years.

Invest in Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is first and foremost a discipline, with any success stemming from an intense daily grind. However, that effort doesn’t always pay off. According to Gartner research, only 53% of projects make it to production, making it essential that companies put the extra time and engineering effort into AI projects. That’s why at LumenVox, Artificial Intelligence has always been a central component of our technology. Our speech recognition and voice biometric algorithms are built upon AI and Machine Learning principles so that our technology continuously evolves. LumenVox also has invested heavily in Research & Development, so we can deliver Artificial Intelligence technology which is robust, scalable, and easily deployed.

Cloud Enablement. At LumenVox, we have been ensuring our technology responds to the demands of multi-cloud environments so that organizations do not have to rely solely upon in-house IT infrastructure. Instead, they can provide their customers with LumenVox software via the cloud. In a post-COVID world, this is critical, as the world now runs remotely.

Prioritize Privacy. Privacy has always been a priority, but now that priority is marked urgent. Data protection legislation is maturing. In 2020 California finally implemented the California Consumer Privacy Act, signed into law in 2018. The CCPA is one of several state-mandated regulatory policies the US has implemented.  Similar regulations appear in other countries whose model has been Europe’s GDPR rules protecting consumer privacy. This requires organizations to put more stringent controls in place to guard against threats and to protect users’ privacy. LumenVox provides advanced voice biometrics to add robust layers of security for organizations of all shapes and sizes, safeguarding sensitive business and consumer information.

In summary, it’s important for any business to always look ahead. The more a business looks toward the future in tech, the more it cannot just adapt and survive, but also thrive. LumenVox’ chief aim for 2021 is to assist businesses in their advancement by directly addressing these trends in voice technology.

Learn more about our full suite of technology here.