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Announcing LumenVox Version 17.0.200

LumenVox is excited to announce the release of LumenVox Version 17.0.200. In this release, we have: Added support for a new short-utterance transcription (Natural Language) functionality to process audio with a maximum length of approximately 30 seconds. Added a new...

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LumenVox Partner Skills Certification

As a foundational component supporting our channel partners and partner-focused business model, LumenVox offers a Lumenvox Partner Skills Certification Program. The Skills Certification process includes a training class and exam. The training provides basic knowledge...

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Using Speech Recognition to Improve CX and Reduce Costs

Whether through their PC, Smartphone or Digital Assistant devices customers today have embraced the use of speech recognition when seeking simple, quick and straightforward ways to accomplish a task or access information. They expect no less when reaching out to your...

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