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Applications for LumenVox Technology

 Integrate Speech and Multifactor Authentication Into Any Application

Core Applications

Fraud Detection

Advanced algorithms to proactively detect suspected fraudulent activity and quickly intervene in those situations.


Proof of Life

Prevent pension fraud and overpayments with voice biometrics to deliver a faster and more secure disbursement experience.

Multifactor Authentication

Something you know,
something you have,
something you are.

Password Reset

Self-service password resets save $5-$15 for each request and deflect up to 85% of password-related helpdesk inquiries.

LumenVox Use Case Overview

The LumenVox technology suite is one of the most responsive and accurate collections of speech and authentication solutions on the market.


Using our C/C++ API, or a standardized interface like MRCP, you can integrate speech into any application. Whether it is a telephony application such as an IVR, voice platform or call center, or you need to speech-enable another command and control program, we have the solutions you need.

Providing support for multiple languages and dialects, LumenVox’ voice technology are deployed in applications as diverse as in-car voice commands for General Motors, credit union banking applications, password reset applications, and much more.

LumenVox provides superior technical support for its entire technology stack. From installation services to basic troubleshooting, to advanced application design, we can help you make your application a success. You can purchase any LumenVox technology and begin developing your application in minutes.

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