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Active Voice Biometrics


LumenVox Active Voice Biometric Authentication Features

With over 18 years of experience in multi-modal biometric authentication, we are experts in distinguishing and authenticating your customers, employees and partners – easily and securely.



text-prompted and text-independent usage


processing and statistical modeling algorithms

Channel Compensation

for landline, mobile and data channel usage

Voice Quality Measurements

Development Options

Our platform easily integrates into your existing contact center infrastructure to deliver advanced workflows and business rules that can be composed.

Flexible Deployment

can be run on server or mobile phones


Versatile Interfaces

allow integration in C, C++, C#, Java, Objective C, Python, etc.


Multiple Use Modes

allow very broad application scenarios

Language Packs

out-of-the-box tuned language packs for major languages

1:1 Authentication and 1:N Identification

Fraud Detection Capabilities

Authenticate your users with confidence. The LumenVox voice biometric engine has built in measures to prevent fraudulent attacks.


Playback Detection

algorithms detect if audio has previously been submitted to the voice biometric engine.

Liveness Detection

integrated speech content checks ensures audio is provided from a human and not a recording.

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We are confident that you will find even more features and resulting benefits from using our Active Voice Biometric technology. 

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