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Walsh Media
Walsh Media Incorporated began in 1985 under the trade name Jingle Phone Productions. Founded by our president, Tim Walsh, the company originally marketed and developed radio commercials and audio for business applications. The pioneering of Message on Hold soon followed, and our Chicagoland business quickly became one of the first in the country to successfully provide Message on Hold to companies across the nation.

With the development and utilization of automated technology for contact centers, the market for professional voice solutions grew, and so did Walsh Media. In the early 90's we moved to larger offices, which have expanded considerably to accommodate our ever-increasing team of experts who have helped make Walsh Media an industry leader.

Many Fortune 1000 companies rely on our knowledge and experience as well as our exceptional quality service. Walsh Media continually improves our innovative voice solutions and we are proud of our ability to create the right message to enhance the customer experience-shaping the way the world hears you.

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