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Aculab offers solution providers a wide range of communications hardware and software for integration into high performance communications. Products for use in telco or enterprise solutions include media processing resources in both PSTN and IP environments, and digital network access including VoIP and SS7.

The LumenVox Speech Engine has passed MRCP (Media Resource Control Protocol) v1 certification testing for the Aculab MRCP Client. This compliance now allows the community of Aculab Prosody telephony platform users to gain access to affordable and full featured speech recognition technology from LumenVox.

Aculab’s MRCP client library provides developers with an alternative method of controlling access to speech resources, such as the LumenVox Speech Engine. “Aculab’s MRCP client is tested for interoperability with products from major speech vendors such as LumenVox. The combination of Aculab and LumenVox provides developers with the ability to create high quality, reliable, speech-based applications.” said James Daybell, Product Manager at Aculab.

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