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Installation Problems

1 Common Linux Installation Problems

Required Permissions If you are trying to install LumenVox on Linux, please be sure that you are logged in as root or a user with root-level permissions. Dependency Issues Like most Linux software, LumenVox is dependent on a number of open source, third-party…

2 Common Windows Installation Problems

Installation Requires Administrator Privileges Please be sure you run the Windows installation packages as a user with administrator privileges. Error 1920 on Installation A message informing you that Error 1920 has occurred may mean several things: You do…

3 Installing the License Server on a Virtual Machine

Starting with LumenVox 11.0, the License Server should install on a virtual machine without issue, provided it has a valid MAC address (the MAC address must not be a string of zeroes). Older versions of the LumenVox License Server may refuse to install on…