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Common Linux Installation Problems

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Required Permissions

If you are trying to install LumenVox on Linux, please be sure that you are logged in as root or a user with root-level permissions.

Dependency Issues

Like most Linux software, LumenVox is dependent on a number of open source, third-party software packages. These packages vary depending on which LumenVox packages are being installed.

With one exception, all of the packages LumenVox depends upon are available in the default Red Hat and Cent OS repositories, so as long as you are using yum (as detailed in the Linux installation instructions) the third-party packages should be installed for you along with the LumenVox packages.

The only non-standard package LumenVox requires is a specific version of the js JavaScript library. As of LumenVox version 11.1, this package is hosted along with the LumenVox packages on our webserver. If you use yum to fetch and install the LumenVox packages, it should be able to resolve that dependency.

If for some reason you are unable to use yum, you will need to resolve the dependency issues manually. The output from the rpm -i command should list any missing packages. Often times those packages may also have dependencies, so resolving these issues can take a while. LumenVox strongly recommends the use of yum to avoid this process, especially if you are relatively unfamiliar with Linux. If you install your software without yum, please be sure and get the appropriate js RPM from the download section for your distribution and architecture.

Note that if you do not have a valid Red Hat subscription and you are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, yum may fail, so verify that this is not the case.

'cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied'

Any error that reads like the one above ("cannot restore segment prot after reloc") is related to selinux. Please disable selinux on your machine or add the appropriate policy.